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Hospital Sant Joan de Déu




  • Interior design


Family area

Conceptualization and design of an innovative space for San Juan de Dios Hospital in Barcelona: The Familiy Area. The new space is conceived to offer emotional response from the hospital to the companions of the patients and their families. While the main objective of a hospital is the cure of people, this project intends to go beyond and take into account their care. Thanks to an excellent human team formed by professionals and volunteers, the hospital can propose a varied set of activities to improve the day to day of the people, both inside and outside the center.

Espai famílies Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


Espai famílies Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


Currently in the Family Area we can find volunteer service, spiritual and religious attention, customer support, associations, child life and social work. Additionally, the social area offers services such as library, food bank, kitchen, training spaces, meeting and formation rooms.

It is a pioneering project in Europe that differentiates HSJD from the typical hospital image thanks to the use of different materials, the routes and the arrangement of the furniture completely adaptable to a great variety of situations; assistance (consultations), non-assistance (offices) and social.


Espai famílies Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

 The care rooms are distributed around a central square that allows the global vision and the distribution of the space.

Espai famílies Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

The interior design project has been the result of a service design process of participatory and collaborative nature carried out by the future users. The role of the design team has been to facilitate the proposals raised by workers, volunteers and families that could be implemented at a spatial level. An example of this is the “ethnographic” work done by the design team during a period of three months within the hospital.


Espai famílies Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Espai famílies Hospital Sant Joan de Déu