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Ajuntament de Barcelona




  • Interior design

Ajuntament de Barcelona


De facto. Joan Fontcuberta. 1982-2008
This project was designed together with the architect Fernando Marzá

It is the most exhaustive compilation of the artist Joan Fontcuberta’s work of the last three decades, characterized by his desire to narrate and create fictions.


Throughout different rooms, more than 200 photographs of 18 significant projects were exhibited, as well as other objects that have been created over the years and that complement his particular vision of the photographic field, from strange stuffed animals to space rockets.

The exhibition emphasizes the importance of fiction through its scenographies and through the creation of different worlds around the themes that he treats the most, such as the cosmos, human fluids, fossils or terrestrial landscapes.

Joan Fontcuberta exhibition

Joan Fontcuberta exhibition

Joan Fontcuberta exhibition

Joan Fontcuberta exhibitionJoan Fontcuberta exhibition